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Or it was equivalent, according to the Japanese company Kubotadedicated to the field of visionwhich expects to start selling in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia their glasses that promise to end the stretching of the back wall of the eye that causes this condition whereby distant objects cannot be clearly distinguished.

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The Kubota Glasses are a prototype that hopes to reach the commercial scale in Asia in the second half of The wearable is worn in front of the eyes, like a common glasses, of 82 to 90 minutes per day to correct the refractive error causing the defect.

Wearables to control myopia will begin to be sold in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia during the second half of Kubota Pharmaceutical Group For now, no more details are known, including key questions such as how many days, or months or years to use the device to control myopia, or how long the effect lasts of correction. Myopia retinal detachment the world there are about 2.

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Myopia progresses as the longitudinal axis of the eye increases, up to the twentieswhen stopped. But the danger of developing serious eye diseases like myopic maculopathy, retinal detachment and glaucoma increases.

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Kubota began clinical trials of his glasses in and is also developing — with no start date for studies — a device similar to contact lenses to control myopia.