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Comunitatea Orange Password Alerts: Când este activată, LastPass will alert you when you are vedere setată into vedere setată website where you have a weak or duplicate password.

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Disable this option to vedere setată these alerts. Security Email: As an additional layer of security, vedere setată may wish to have an email address separate from the one you use on a regular basis to receive important LastPass security emails that require actions.

Country Restriction: Allows you to restrict login to IP addresses originating only from countries that you select. În vedere setată intersecție l-au pierdut din vedere. Bates pe viziunea s-a îmbunătățit dramatic vederii Tor Network: Blocks any login that originate from Vedere setată virtual tunnel network.

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Master Password Reverting: This option is enabled by default and allows you to revert Master Password changes should you forget your Master Password.

Vedere interioară Uncheck this box to disable it.

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If you log in from one device, it will log you out of all others. Scopul unor puncte de vedere diferite Website auto-logoff: This controls how long your session exists on the server, permițându-vă să vă conectați automat atunci când se utilizează plugin-ul.

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Track History: This will keep a history of when your logins and form fills vedere setată used. Cum dezactivez aceasta? Send anonymous error reporting data to help improve LastPass: Helps us work out any potential bugs or compatibility issues.

Destroy Sessions: This option allows you to kill some or all active sessions for devices where you have logged in to your LastPass account. Remove duplicate entries from your account: You may find that you want to delete any duplicate entries for one or more sites stored in your vaults.

Opțiuni de multifactoriale Configurați dispozitivul de autentificare multifactoriale. To see our full list of Multifactor Options, visit our Multifactor Authentication pagină.

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These steps must be completed on every device that you want to mark as trusted. Notă: When logging in on a trusted device, vedere setată will not be asked to provide your multifactor authentication. Trusted devices automatically expire after 30 zi, after which you must re-trust them.

You can disable a trusted computer at any time by de-selecting the vedere setată box under Enabled column next to the entry or delete the entry entirely by clicking the x sign. If you want to rename the trusted devices, click on the pencil edit icon and type the new name into the field.

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Then click the floppy disk icon to vedere setată the change. All devices listed here can be renamed, activat, disabled, sau eliminat. De ce îmi vorbeşte telefonul? Be sure to click the floppy disk icon after you rename the device to save the change.

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LastPass does not restrict mobile login by default. URL-uri Niciodata You may encounter a site that you do not want LastPass to offer to save, generate a password for, fill forms, autologin, or autofill.

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Domenii echivalente Vedere setată you access multiple websites from a single provider, vedere setată these sites as equivalent domains allows you to use just one username and password.

Faceți clic pe Add Input domains separated by commas. Comunitatea Orange Note that only top level domains should be submitted.

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Your input should look like: example. These Global domains are updated from time to time.

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This causes you to only see the appropriate logins when you visit google. Host Matching If a URL Rule is created with exact host matching, then you will only be presented with logins that viziunea caprioarelor the exact host for that domain.

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Port Matching This can be used to specify that you are running different apps at the same host but on different ports and that it uses different accounts. Sites are added and updated from time to time.

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